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Career and College....

    Two BIG decisions that you will be faced with in the coming years.  This web site can help you accomplish the steps that will assist you in thinking about your future.  It will help you in contemplating different careers, and it will also give you the steps you need to find colleges and explore them.

This web site is designed for Minnesota 10th and 11th graders and is appropiate for grade 7 and above.  It can also be used by school counselors or other staff who are designing programs to help students with these decisions. 

Good luck in your search!

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Printable Worksheets  (pdf):
                                   The Beginning: Career and College Prep Syllabus
                         (includes many hints to help with your decisions and search)

                     Career Report
                     College Report
                     College Visit Questions
                     Job Shadow Questions
                     Activity Resume (sample)
                     Employment Resume and Cover Letter (sample)
                     Community Service Volunteer Form  
All worksheets are copyright ruthannlamp - for personal use only
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